For a long time I have been gaining a strong fanbase, built around my physical art.

Venturing into the NFT space, I wanted to bridge the gap between both my digital and physical collectors.

I am doing this by releasing NFTs that not only hold value themselves as works of art which can be displayed, held or traded

- but also come with utilities that unlock physical and digital attributes which will reward the holder for collecting and

being active within the community.


By collecting a Thumbs NFT, you will become a member of the Thumbs Club.

Your membership card is represented by the Thumbs NFTs you hold.

The cool thing is, the higher the value of the NFTs and volume traded; the more funding can be put into the Thumbs Club

meaning the more utilities and exclusive product.


The more NFTs you hold, the more access you have to some pretty cool utilities/add ons like:

>Access to a Print on Demand site where you can print your NFT and exclusive Thumbs designs<

>Early access to merch drops (limited edition toys, apparel and other merch)<

>Access to exclusive merch drops for Thumbs Club members only<

>Early Whitelisting for future NFT drops<

>Super rare NFTs airdropped for holders with 3+ Thumbs NFTs<

>Raffle entry for NFT holders (each NFT you hold counts as an entry)<

>Access and tickets to physical events and shows<

>Invites to physical meetups<

>Discounts on Thumbs and other brands websites<

>Access to NFT collabs<

>Access to Thumbs Club Discord channel<


To be part of the Thumbs Club you need to hold a Thumbs NFT.

This can be any Thumbs NFT across any project, including collabs!

The more Thumbs NFTs you hold, the more utilities and access you will have.

Thumbs NFTs can be found on the Opensea marketplace.


The main place to keep up to date with what's going on with the Thumbs Club is through my social media platforms, in particular Discord.

Within the Discord server you will find a private Thumbs Club channel that is members only. Here is where you'll find all the other members

and be able to chat with them and help grow the community!


Once you pick up a Thumbs NFT, simply head to the Discord and you will be able to verify your digital wallet (super simple) and you'll be given access!


There's an invite link below to the main Discord channel so you can chat to other members of the general community and get to know people.

It's a great place to chat about anything from art, gaming, sports, movies and to also learn more about NFTs and the digital space!

Join the Community

Be part of an growing group!

Exclusive Drops!

Pick up merch nobody else has got!

Entry to NFT Giveaways!

Gain entry to NFT & Merch raffles!